SME and Information Technology

Information and communications technology (ICT) has a key role to play in driving innovation and competitiveness for small businesses and the IT sector itself. But equipping the labour force with the right skills and providing access to high-tech infrastructure are essential if the full potential of ICT is to be harnessed.

One stop Solution for your business needs

All businesses are unique. The products they make the services they offer, their people, their location, their customers – no two are ever the same. Which is why we don’t try to make them the same? We get inside a business to find out what’s really needed. If it looks good on paper, we make sure it’s a concept with real purpose and utility.

Because even the most visionary idea won’t advance your business without sound, solid execution. With that philosophy, we’ve established one clear aim: Create practical initiatives that help clients achieve—and surpass—their business goals.

With deep practice area expertise in various technologies and domains ,our consultants provide a comprehensive solution to your IT requirements be it your Website ,Intranet and Extranet portals , Mobile applications , Off the shelf products , Customization of the existing products or New Software Development  Ekam Business Solutions’ consulting team looks beyond the buzz and provides solutions that are the best in the industry and cost effective.

Starting from helping you get the best of Information technology in your core business area , we also help you manage your secondary functions including but not limiting to Marketing , Human Resources , Financing and Accounting . We’ll take care of it all.

And deliver solution that’s — ready to make a difference.

Computing and Consumerization integration

As IT industry is developing, it is daily bringing new opportunities to streamline operations and improve intra group communication.

Smartphones and tablets, along with laptops and netbooks, are the driving forces behind the increasing consumerization of enterprise IT.

Web based portals are being created for enhancing and easing  information delivery, communication, collaboration, automating business processes through interconnected applications  in an organisation.Because employees are able to  work, read and respond to email, view attachments, and create documents no matter where they are, they become more productive.

But when these multiple technologies are used ,the downside is that you lose the standardization that comes with using one platform. You end up with many types of devices, many types of applications, running on different operating systems and different apps configured differently. Getting them to seamlessly connect to the company network can be a challenge. Getting them all connected to the company network without putting the network at risk is even more of a challenge.

Our IT pros who have expertise in integrating these varied environments into the network and managing them once they’re connected are likely to give you an edge over other businesses.