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In most economies, small and medium enterprises play a pivotal role in the overall economical growth of the country. To make their products globally competitive SMEs need to up-grade their technology and put more emphasis on innovation per se. Technology is the key to enhancing a company’s competitive advantage in today’s dynamic information age. SMEs need to develop and implement a technology strategy in addition to financial, marketing and operational strategies, and adopt the one that helps integrate their operations with their environment, customers and suppliers.

Ekam Business Solutions was established, by a group of enthusiastic and passionate software experts, to provide the crucial assistance, that can promote aid and foster the growth of SMEs.

Our Services

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications have introduced new aspects to the application design and development process. Custom mobile solution provides users with access to real-time information anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Enterprise Solutions

ERP solutions provide a centralized framework for all data and processes of an organization. It integrates all aspects of a business from planning to inventory control, manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, customer service and human resources.

Software Development and Support

Every business is unique and has their own custom requirement which might not be fulfilled by readymade solutions which need unique solutions too. We help our customers automate their businesses and help migrate their existing application and processes to more

Web Services

In today’s fast and explosive world of internet, a company’s web presence is critical to its success. At Ekam BS we understand this need.Our dedicated team of technocrats engages with the clients to produce websites which are simple yet functional, fast loading, easy to navigate, multi- browser compatible..

One Stop Solution

All businesses are unique. The products they make, the services they offer, their people, their location, their customers – no two are ever the same. Which is why we don’t try to make them the same. We get inside a business to find out what’s really needed. If it looks good on paper, we make sure it’s a concept with real purpose and utility.

Area Of Expertise

SME and Information Technology


Online Marketing and Social Networking

Data & Analytics

One Stop Solution For what You Business Needs